Your First Visit

You’ll meet Dr. Matt or Dr. Paul for an initial exam and to discuss potential treatment options with you.

We know your time is valuable, so to expedite treatment, we may, with your permission, also reserve time following the exam for diagnostic records. These include X-rays, photos and digital scans for study models and are necessary for developing a treatment plan that works for you.

We’ll also address the following questions that cover the basics of orthodontic treatment, such as:

  • Is there a condition that orthodontics can address?
  • Is treatment needed now or should I delay until appropriate growth, tooth eruption or other factors have occurred?
  • What treatment procedures will be used to correct the problem?
  • Do any teeth need to be removed?
  • How long will treatment take?
  • How much will it cost?
  • What are my payment options?

After your initial exam, we’ll analyze your diagnostic records so we can build an in-depth plan that addresses your specific needs.

It’s important you have a clear understanding of what treatment will include and how long it will take: that’s why you’ll come in for a consultation where we’ll discuss treatment options, time frames and financial arrangements.

Please assist us by providing the following information at the time of your first visit:

  • Any X-rays taken within the past six months. At your request, your dentist can forward these securely to us digitally or by mail.



The cost of braces and orthodontic treatment varies with the complexity of your case. We strive to provide you with affordable, high-quality treatment that fits your budget. You’ll find a variety of payment options to meet your needs, including cash, cheques, debit cards, Visa and MasterCard, and monthly payment plans.


If your insurance covers orthodontic treatment, you’ll receive the benefit of reduced personal costs. We’ll try our best to help you maximize your insurance benefits. Because insurance policies vary, we can only estimate your coverage in good faith, but cannot guarantee coverage due to the complexities of insurance contracts.

As is the case for most orthodontic specialty offices in British Columbia, payment of treatment fees is your responsibility. While we do not file insurance claims, we will provide you with the necessary forms for claiming reimbursement from your insurance carrier. Please remember that orthodontic insurance is a benefit for you or your child. If, during the course of treatment, your benefits change, the financially responsible party is accountable for all charges.

Please view our step-by-step guide to completing your insurance forms and receipts for submission to your insurance provider. If you have any questions, we are available to answer them.