We love the wonderful things our patients and their families have to say about our practice. Be sure to check out our Patient Gallery to see some of our Radiant smiles!

Friendly atmosphere yet professional - Enjoyable space - Feeling of being in good hands. Radian Orthodontics rocks!
-Sophie G.. 02/22/2017

It's a lovely space... very modern, clean and well kept. The staff are wonderful - extremely friendly and accommodating. Dr.Matt is an excellent orthodontist. Sometimes it's difficult to find a specialist that is both proficient and amiable but I found Dr.Matt to be both.
-Michelle M.. 02/16/2017

It's all about the great people who work there and the excellent care of my daughter. The office is modern, the care is excellent and the people make it an excellent place for a long term relationship.
-Susanne B. 02/08/2017

Very professional. Very well organized scheduling and process overall. Excellent communication with appointments and with initial intro session and completion session. Very good service. Very happy with the results. I also like the reminder calls & emails. Thank you Radiant Orthodontics! I will definitely recommend your services.
-Olav G. 02/07/2017

Very friendly and accommodating staff. All the staff at Radiant made a long and sometimes difficult process much easier; excellent people who work hard to help achieve great results!
-Rob K. 01/20/2017

Staff is so professional knowledgeable and very accommodating. Thank you very much for being so kind and making your office a place that she looked forward to coming to.
-Wendy P. 01/08/2017

Never had to wait for a scheduled appointment. Always on time. I can't imagine that people take their kids to any other place for orthodontic treatment.  Dr. Witt is a perfectionist and it show in my girls beautiful teeth. I imagine I will be taking my grandchildren (if I get any) to your office too. You are the very best.
-Rosalind C. 11/26/2016

Bright, clean, organized.
-Cheryl N. 10/01/2016

Everyone is so friendly.
-Crystal I. 09/19/2016

Very friendly staff. Upon calling the emergency line, I was very impressed that Dr. Matt came in and helped us right away. Appointments almost always started on time.
-Christine G. 08/27/2016

The staff was really good about helping us find appointment times that worked. We really appreciated the expertise of the Dr's Witt, and the way they keep up with best practices in the discipline of orthodontics. It was a long haul for Grace but the result is stellar. She presented a daunting orthodontic challenge, and you did a brilliant job of managing her issues.
-Janet W. 08/25/2016

Professional, courteous, responsive staff; comfortable office and setting for patients and family
-Penny B. 07/14/2016

Professional, friendly and welcoming office.  Seem to really care about their patients comfort and treatment. The staff seem to really enjoy their jobs and are very kind.  Overall I was expecting this to be somewhat of difficult experience for my daughter.  As it turned out there were no major complaints at all.  We were able to rebook when we needed to and treatment took even less time than we expected. My daughter only has positive things to say about the entire experience. I expected my teenage daughter to be miserable about having to go through treatment but they really explained things well and we could not be happier with the results!
-Mary S. 06/05/2016

Professional, friendly, quality of work is excellent,  client care is really great from the whole team.  I am really glad I chose your office for my treatment. Great team to work with!
-Michelle M. 06/04/2016

Very modern office and professional staff. Thank Dr. Witts! And special thanks to Joanne for great service.
-Cathy N. 05/20/2016

Dr Paul Witt is phenomenal. He is to the point while still being compassionate and empathic. Can trust him right away.
-Anna K. 05/18/2016

The over all ease and both my girls treatments were so quick that i have no complaints. Dr Matt and Dr Paul are very personable. The staff are very friendly and remember you. Staff and the general hygiene and cleanliness of the office. That clean new feeling has lasted all through our visits.
-Adeline D. 05/01/2016

Very professional, great staff. Overall a very positive experience. Both of my children have radiant smiles thanks to both of the Dr Witts. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your office.
-Janice D. 03/18/2016

My daughter went to Dr. Paul Witt 28 years ago and we were thrilled with the outcome and now Dr. Matt Witt has just finished orthodontics with our grandson and he also looks amazing.  It was well worth the investment both times! Thanks to everyone! The staff were always friendly and willing to help at any time. Everyone was great and the teeth look WONDERFUL!
-Heather B. 02/18/2016

 Friendly and good location. Beautiful carvings.
-Alicia B. 02/18/2016

Conveniently located, friendly staff. Web login to check on appointments booked and reminder emails about upcoming appointments were much appreciated. Office itself is beautiful. Very happy with the final results! Amazing new smile has been created!
-Colleen R. 02/17/2016

Very friendly, explained options well. Great experience all round. Very pleased with the results.
-Sabrina D. 02/13/2016

I liked the way the orthodontist was very particular about the dental hygiene and  made sure my child followed up well. Also loved the friendly nature of all the staff and the time efficiency
-Shaheena K. 02/05/2016

Professionalism... the current and "latest" procedures and methods, and systems are being used.
-Tara J.   02/04/2016

Friendly staff. They remembered my name and greeted me by name when I walked in.
-Taryn P.   01/10/2016

High quality of care. Very friendly and family friendly.
-Jennifer F.   12/19/2015

Friendly staff, clean, comfortable office and not a long wait for appointments.
-Sarbjit S.   11/30/2015

It was all spectacular!!! Keep up the wonderful work!!!
-Andrea B.   11/29/2015

We loved your professional and personal approach to our son's orthodontist needs.  From the business plan to the email reminder appointments you have thought of everything to make this process easy and affordable!  Your customer service is outstanding! Thank you Dr Matt and Dr Witt!
-Moira G.   10/17/2015

Great staff. Mason's teeth look amazing. We have had great experiences with both our kids. The results for both are awesome. Thank you.
-Kim Y.   10/15/2015

Friendly staff. Thank you for making this experience as positive as it could be.
-Kaeden P.   08/23/2015

Great experience. Friendly, flexible, helpful, caring.
-Kim Y.   08/23/2015

It was clean, updated and staff were friendly and professional. We had a great experience.  Thank you!
-Monica M.   08/15/2015

Friendly staff. Although the treatment was longer than expected, we appreciate the detail and wanting to make the job done correctly.
-Grant & Courtney I. 07/29/2015

Friendly orthodontists and front desk people... We made countless trips all the way to Ladner from Fraser Heights in Surrey because of the excellent care we received at Radiant Orthodontics.
-Debbie A.   06/29/2015

Very clean and tidy office and wonderful friendly and knowledgeable staff.
-Sarah F.   06/26/2015

Everything about Radiant Orthodontics is top shelf. The staff are ALL so friendly and helpful and remember your name and little things about you when you visit. I had a compromising schedule due to being back and forth from school, but Dr Witt accommodated me marvelously and had my treatment done in the time he said in our first meeting. Would recommend to EVERYONE!!
-RateMDs.com   05/21/2015

Our entire experience was stress-free and pleasant. All the staff are friendly and accomodating. The clinic is efficient and well-organized and I would recommend them to anyone.
-Heidi M.   02/28/2015

Everyone is always smiling and very helpful. The office is bright, beautiful and comfortable. The care both my daughters received was wonderful and the results were awesome!
-Melissa W.   12/20/2014

Bright, Clean, Friendly, Close to home and school
-Elaine H.   12/19/2014

Friendly, Efficient, Professional, Nice Environment.
-Heather S.   11/23/2014

Friendly staff, great communication about progress, incentives for keeping teeth clean, prompt appointments
-Chris H.   11/22/2014

Friendly and professional... very happy with the results :)
-Sean C.   11/02/2014

Friendly & professional.
-Emily M.   10/24/2014

Very clean, organized and comfortable. Love that you can brush your teeth before or after treatment. Office staff are very friendly and efficient. They are always able to change or alter to accommodate difficult schedules.

-Sheena S.   10/08/2014

Friendly staff that provide excellent personal care.
-Ali J.   07/16/2014

Everyone was very friendly. We've had a few after hours emergencies over the years and they were always taken care of right away. Also the office is very clean and tidy all the time which I really liked
-Shaughna F.   06/12/2014

Very clean and comfortable, very friendly atmosphere
-Donna S.   05/31/2014

The people that work there are great. The hours in the beginning were a little limiting but now it is great. Which is promising as this child was number one of three.
-Julie M.   05/22/2014

Radiant Ortho has great staff that consistently keep up to date with the latest greatest technology advances. Always current. Staff are friendly, accomodating and on top of things. Always call and email to remind of appointments. Doctors are very good about keeping you up to date about how things are progressing with the kids' ortho treatments. Really great service, above and beyond!
-Laureen H.   05/16/2014

Joanne was always so easy going, friendly and very accomodating with appointments. Always a pleasure to talk to her.
-Claudia B.   05/15/2014

Great communication and very accommodating when trying to schedule appointments. Now that you take appointments on Saturdays, no complaints. Great service, great staff, great environment.
-Melissa R.   04/28/2014

Friendly front counter staff and concern for patients' well being
-Hayden D.   04/03/2014

Friendly and caring. Thank you for the wonderful care you gave Alex these last few years.
-Carol S.   02/28/2014

Friendly staff, WiFi, Nice building, reminders of appointments... better now with the added Saturdays. Two beautiful daughters with beautiful smiles... Dad is really worried now!
-Joanne L.   02/24/2014

Very professional. Both our sons Matt and Andrew have had your services. The whole experience was very professional and worth the cost. Thank you!
-Kathy & Rick S.   01/11/2014

Friendly, considerate, and efficient.
-Nick B.   01/08/2014

Could not be happier with the results. My daughter's teeth are beautiful. She has not stopped smiling since her braces were removed. Thank you to Dr. Witt and your awesome staff. Now it's our youngest daughter's turn!
-Shannon H.   01/05/2014

Friendly staff, modern and clean office. Appointments were always on time. Felt that the staff were very competent and invested in getting the best. Now you're open on Fridays and Saturdays!
-Marc N.   12/23/2013

Beautiful space. Very friendly staff. Excellent orthodontists. Thank you for helping make Emma's beautiful smile. 
-Melissa W.   12/16/2013

Very professional and friendly. My daughter received excellent care and I wouldn't change a thing. 
-Kim J.   10/23/2013

Everyone acts in a very professional manner. There are no levels of confusion along any portion of the orthodontics journey. Great smiles are long lasting! 
-David D.   10/04/2013

Liam loved coming because he was treated so well!! Everyone loved his chattiness and his laughter! 
-Aurela E.   08/29/2013 

Everyone was professional in a casual way! Perfect!
-Caylie W.   08/21/2013

Everything is great! The friendliness and flexibility. Always willing to re-schedule appointments and very accommodating to our tight schedules. We always felt welcome and what mattered to you as professionals was to make the patients feel happy and comfortable.
-Jacques S.   08/15/2013

Friendly staff. Very clean. My son is smiling all the time!
-Eileen S.   08/03/2013

Overall, the office is very efficient. Once I sign in and sit down, I'm usually helped almost right away! The system has improved greatly over the years. I want to thank Dr Witt and the rest of the team for giving me such a beautiful smile! It's been a long road, but I always knew I was in very capable hands. I appreciate all your hard work, because it definitely paid off! I couldn't have asked for a more kind or caring orthodontist!
-Jessica M.   07/31/2013

Great operation. Friendly accommodating staff. Joanna is a gem. Comfortable waiting room with current magazine choices. Use of technology, email reminders, etc. Appears to use the latest technology in orthodontia. It would have been nice if the office was in Tsawwassen where we live! It's obvious why Dr. Witt has a strong patient base.
-Kareen S.   07/13/2013

The office was very modern, neat, clean and professional. The staff were very friendly and professional. They all knew my children (all four) and took an interest in the growth and development.
-Heather M.   05/11/2013

Open and friendly, and very modern. It's important to recognize that Dr. Witt was willing to invest into his practice with the latest and greatest. I never would have believed how perfect the results of Dr. Witt's efforts could be. My children's teeth line up with military-like precision!
-Gerry W.   03/07/2013

All the staff are very professional, easy going and always seem to be in a great mood. At the beginning of the treatment process, we were worried with "Will this work the way they said and showed us". It's a lot of money and trust. Radiant met and exceeded all of our expectations. We are very happy with the results.
-Yusuf J.   02/29/2013

I was in ortho with Dr. Witt and company for just over 4 years due to the complexity of my teeth. To say that my ortho was a challenge for all involved would be an understatement. Everyone took great pride in their work and had a sincere concern for my outcome and well being. Everything was explained to me as we went through the process together. And the end result could not have been better. Best of all were the great laughs we had.
-Bob S.   01/17/2013

Friendly staff, helpful with juggling busy schedules.
-Louise C.   12/19/2012

Not too long a wait for treatment, friendly staff, Dr. Witt is very approachable. Many thanks.
-Andrew B.   12/13/2012

I've been going to Dr. Witt prior to the beautiful new building and new name. I've had three bouts of braces and two of those have been through Radiant Orthodontics. I remember I was told by Dr. Witt that if everyone came in with issues like mine - he'd have a much harder job. I have to say, although I was my usual stubborn self, they supported and helped me through the 9+ years I have been seeing them. After the braces, teeth pulling, jaw surgery, and whatever else has happened to my mouth - I am content and confident in my smile. For this I have to thank them and would recommend them to anyone looking for a supportive, welcoming environment and staff!
-Chelsea M.   08/26/2012   (yelp.ca review)

I have seen the difference in orthodontic care between Radiant and other offices that my children's friends have gone to... Dr. Witt's perfectionism gives a patient the utmost of quality care and results. The staff was always great also... 3 kids down, 2 to go!!
-John K.C.   08/23/2012

Wish you were in White Rock! The staff are all very friendly. The new office is very comfortable and love the decor. The phone and email messages for appointments were very helpful. Very flexible and understanding/accommodating when having to change appointments.
-Lisa and Kevin M.   06/27/2012

My daughter's teeth are spectacular... she is so happy with her smile. The journey from braces on to braces off has been really great. Dr. Witt and all the staff keep the atmosphere light and friendly and yet the work is serious and professional. It has been a very positive experience, we still have one more child to go and I would recommend Radiant Orthodontics to anyone looking for orthodontic treatment.
-Brenda D.   05/02/2012

Staff are friendly, welcoming and very professional. Always very accommodating especially with those unexpected emergencies when wires needed adjusting. Thank you for all the years of wonderful service and care you gave to our daughter! It was always a pleasure visiting your lovely office.
-Janice and Andy J.   04/26/2012

Always greeted with a smile. The assistants and the orthodontist cared about my comfort as they were very gentle. I wanna say thank you for the great experience and giving me a winning smile. You guys did very good work and I'm glad we made it this far. I feel like a whole new man. Thank you everyone at Radiant Orthodontics.
-Alex K.   04/26/2012

We very much appreciate Dr. Witt and all his staff. They were very professional and kind and treated my child with great care. A great experience. Also, Dr. Witt was always honest and straightforward about treatment. He did not treat my child until all her teeth were ready. Many thanks! She now has an amazing smile.
-Diana B.   03/10/2012

Wow. Looking at the before photos with Candice really shows how much of an improvement has been done to her teeth... one down, two to go! Really nice though not a surprise as Dr. Witt comes highly recommended.
-Sean C.   03/08/2012 

Very friendly and accomodating front office staff.
-Joyce T.   03/02/2012

Dr. Witt has given my child the gift of a beautiful smile. His generosity, caring, and professionalism will not be forgotten. We will always be grateful to Dr. Witt and his wonderful staff. My child is more confident and positive because of Dr. Witt's exceptional work. Thank you.
-Cheryl M.   02/29/2012

Worth the drive. All the staff are friendly and seem to remember the patients by name and what their interests are etc. Just makes it easy for them to be comfortable. Can't forget the amazing result at the end - Mason's smile is incredible!!
-Leslea F.   02/29/2012

Dr. Paul Witt and his team are enthusiastically  professional, friendly, and consistent in all ways, continually demonstrating high standards for excellence with orthodontic treatment, as well as the ongoing relationship with the patient and family.  With having now completed orthodontic treatment for both of our children involving ongoing appointments spanning eight years, we can say without hesitation that we consistently received outstanding results and attention with Dr. Witt. Both our daughters will be forever grateful for all that Dr. Witt has accomplished, not only for their (now perfect) smiles, but also for their complete experience overall with which they underwent this intensive long term treatment. Thank you!
-Nancy and Chris D.   02/16/2012  

Thank you for the work on my smile. You did a great job!
-Paulina R.   10/18/2011

Thank you for all the hard work you have put into the past 3 years to make my teeth look fabulous! I'm so pleased with the results and I will miss seeing everyone!
-Emily W.  10/05/2011 

Angela is sooo happy that she gets her braces off soon and is happy that she came to Radiant Orthodontics!
Aileen N.   12/06/2011

Awesome treatment and results.
Margaret-Rose M.   11/16/2011

Thank you so much for your hard work on our teeth, we really appreciate it. Our teeth look beautiful.
-Hillary and James P.   09/01/2011

Very good people and environment. I like how the treatment went on.
RateMDs.com   08/22/2011

Two teenagers. Two perfect smiles! Thanks Radiant Orthodontics!
Fiona C.   12/02/2010

Excellent orthodontist. Professional, technically sound and organized. Staff also amazing. Highly recommend. Great with children.
-RateMDs.com   07/03/2009

I will never forget you guys! I am so grateful for all the hard work you have put into my smile. It was a long process but I am thrilled with the results. Thank you for making my appointments so enjoyable. I remember coming in 5 years ago. What a transformation!
-Kylie D.   01/14/2008

"A picture speaks a thousand words," and so does a smile! We are so grateful to have found you! Thank you for all you know, and all you do! You and your staff were excellent in all ways, always!
-Nancy and Chris D.   01/14/2008

Dr. Witt is an outstanding orthodontist. Extremely competent & knowledgeable and very good with the kids. He also ensures the kids are well educated to take care of their own hygiene. Highly recommended.
RateMDs.com   10/15/2008

Extremely professional knowledgeable great with kids and cares genuinely about health and welfare and not about soaking the system thx doc.
-RateMDs.com   07/08/2007

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